(17) A Catechism of Scrip­ture Doctrine and Practice for Families and Sabbath Schools

The following is an extract from “A Catechism of Scrip­ture Doctrine and Practice for Families and Sabbath Schools, Designed Also for Oral Instruction of Colored Persons,” by Reverend Charles C. Jones:


1. To visit no plantation without permission, and when permitted, never without previous notice.


2. To have nothing to do with the civil conditions of the Negroes or with their plantation affairs.


3. To hear no tales respecting their owners or drivers or work, and to keep within my own breast whatever of a pri­vate nature might incidentally come to my knowledge.


4. To be no party to their quarrels, and have no quarrels with them, but cultivate justice, impartiality, and universal kindness.


5. To condemn, without reservation, every vice and evil among them, in the terms of God’s holy word, and to incul­cate the fulfillment of every duty, whatever might be the real or apparent hazard of popularity or success.


6. To preserve the most perfect order at all our public and private meetings.


7. To impress the people with the great value of the privileges enjoyed of religious instructions; to invite their cooperation and throw myself upon their confidence and support.


8. To make no attempt to create temporary excitements, or to introduce any new plans or measure; but make diligent and prayerful use of the ordinary and established means of God’s appointments.


9. To support, in the fullest manner, the peace and order of society, and to hold up their respect and obedience all of those whom God, in his providence, has placed in author­ity over them.


10. To notice no slight or unkindnesses shown to me per­sonally; to dispute with no man about the work, but depend upon the power of the truth and upon the Spirit and blessing of God.