(37) Taylors Creek Methodist Church Final Homecoming Sunday Attendants on May 25, 1941

These are most, but not all, of the persons who attended the final Homecoming Sunday at Taylors Creek Methodist Church on May 25, 1941:

Bell, Rev. and Mrs. Hoke

Caines, Corneige

Cohan, Mr. and Mrs. W.H.

Cohan, Dorothy

Darsey, Mrs. Will

Dasher, Doris

Elder, Jack

Elder, Mrs. E.M.

Hattaway, Dewitt

Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton

Hodges, Ollis

Jelks, Mr. and Mrs. Gus

Little, Dorothy

Martin , Pearl

Martin, Alphonso

Martin, Mrs. E.C.

Martin, Merle

Martin, Ann

Martin, D.L.

Martin, Chandler

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Hoke

May, Mr. and Mrs. C.A.

Mims, Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Mims, Howard

Olmstead, Lucy

Olmstead, Dorothy

Olmstead, John

Phillips, Betty Jo

Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. William

Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert

Porter, Ina

Porter, Dorothy

Purcell, Mr. and Mrs. Nolan

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Fred

Shuptrine, Christine

Stacy, Alma

Stacy, Mrs. W.L.

Stafford, Mary Lou

Stafford, Miriam

Stafford, Ella

Strickland, Mary

Strickland, Olin

Tippins, Mrs. Frankie Mims

Way, LaVine

Way, Mr. and Mrs. Jack