(41) Poem for Major General John R. Galvin by Onetha Hallman Mingledorff

Onetha Hallman Mingledorff is the daughter of Rufus and Ethel Hopkins Hallman of the Tison community in Tattnall County, Georgia. She married Julian Mingledorff, son of Frederick W. and Inez Tippins Mingledorff of Hinesville, on May 5, 1957. Their children are William and Carole Mingle­dorff.


The only other child of Frederick W. and Inez Tippins Mingledorff is Frederick W. Mingledorff Jr. He married (1) Peggy Tyre , and their children are Judy Claire Mingledorff and Joseph David Mingledorff, and (2) Paschal Schirm, and their children are Ellen Schirm Mingledorff, Frederick W. Mingledorff III, and Doris Bright Mingledorff.


This is the poem which Onetha Hallman Mingledorff wrote for Major General John R. Galvin, commanding gener­al of the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) and the Fort Stewart/Hunter Air Field complex, when he departed in June 1983 for his next tour of duty in West Germany. It was presented to him during a reception in his honor staged by the Hinesville-Liberty County Chamber of Commerce:





Perhaps you’ve never thought about

That the little thing you do

Affects not only your life

But touched our too.


We understand when duty calls

That it just has to be

For being a general brings with it

Tremendous responsibility.


We all would like to thank you

For the many things you’ve done

And say “congratulations”

For the honors you have won.


Saying “So Long” to people

So helpful and nice as you

Is something we all wish

We didn’t have to do.


Sincere best wishes

Are going with you, too

For all the best of everything

In the years ahead for you.


So now that Germany beckons

We’ll just say “Goodbye” and then

Wish you and Ginny the best of luck

Until we meet again.