Baggs, Archibald (Family)

Baggs, Archibald (1760-1840). He was born in Ireland and emi­grated to Virginia in 1770 with his brothers, Alexander Baggs, and Joseph Baggs. The two brothers remained in Virginia, while he migrated to that part of McIntosh County which became a part of Long County, Georgia. He married Esther Dennison (1773-1841) in 1790. Their children were David Baggs, born in 1792, who married Isabella Johnston; William Baggs, born in 1794, who married Charity Hope, and Archibald Baggs Jr., born in 1796, who married Nancy Ann Carter.

Archibald Baggs Sr. died in his home in Long County and was buried in Baggs Cemetery. William and Charity Hope Baggs had ten children, and they were Mary Louisa Baggs, born in 1822, who married James Smith; James Wright Baggs, born in 1824, who married Susan Jane Martin; Esther A. Baggs, born in 1825, who married Thomas W. Houston; Charity Baggs, born in 1826, who married Sheldon Chapman; Katherine Baggs, born in 1827, who married Hampton C. Parker (see William Hall Parker in this appendix); Nancy Baggs, born in 1829, who married Joseph Johnston; Eliza­beth Baggs; Rebecca Baggs, born in 1834, who married Silas Overstreet; Matilda Baggs, born in 1836, who married Francis Chapman, and William David Baggs, born in 1838, who married Susannah Horne (see Henley Foxworth Horne in this appendix).

Archibald Baggs Jr. died in his home in Liberty County November 23, 1844. He left his wife with ten chil­dren ranging in ages from six to 24. She died November 18, 1883, at the age of 87. Both are buried in Baggs Cemetery.