Baker (Family)

William Baker Sr., Benjamin Baker and Richard Baker are among those members of the congre­gation of the White Meeting House at Dorchester, South Carolina, who received grants of land in the Midway District of Georgia in 1752. Richard Baker, William Baker and John Baker were brothers and nephews of William Baker Sr. Wil­liam Baker was a major and John Baker was a colonel in the Georgia Militia during the Revolutionary War. William Baker Sr. married (1) Sarah Osgood, and their children were William Jr. (not the brother of John Baker), Rebecca, and Sarah Baker, and (2) Rebecca Lupton Way, and they had no chil­dren. William Baker Sr. died March 15, 1767. His widow, Rebecca Lupton Way Baker, died two days later.


William Baker Jr. married (1) Elizabeth Dunham, and their children were Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Sarah Osgood, William (not the brother of John Baker), Rebecca, John Osgood, Gideon, and Daniel Baker, (2) Susannah Dick Hornsby, and they had one child, Thomas Baker, and (3) Ann Stevens, and they had one child, Joseph Stevens Baker. Benjamin Baker, son of Thomas Baker and grandson of William Baker Sr., married (1) Susan­nah Osgood, sister of Reverend John Osgood, and their children were Sarah, Elizabeth, Susannah, and John Baker (not Colonel John Baker). Richard Baker Sr., brother of Colonel John Baker, married (1) Elizabeth Sumner, who died in 1754, and (2) Elizabeth Andrew, sister of Benjamin and J ames Andrew, and their children were Elizabeth, Lydia, Mary, Richard Jr., William, Anna, Sarah, and Rebecca Baker. Richard Baker Sr. died April 10, 1775. His widow married Parmenas Way Sf. in 1776.


William Baker, brother of Colonel John Baker, married Mary Jeans, and their children were Ann and William Jeans Baker, and (2) Hannah McCartney, and their children were Elizabeth, Susannah, Ann, and Charles Baker. William Jeans Baker married (1) Mary Wells, and their children were Hepeworth Carter and Charlotte Baker, and (2) Elizabeth Way, and their children were William W., Arte­mas, Samuel, Eliza, Edward, John W., and Richard M. Way.


William W. Baker, who never married, was captain of the Liberty Independent Troop and state senator for Liberty County. The state legislature erected a monument over his grave at Milledgeville, Georgia. Colonal John Baker was married twice. His first wife was named Sarah. At least three of his children were Sarah, Mary Ann, and John Baker Jr. Sarah Baker married Michael Rudulph (see Appendix Num­ber 13) and at least one of their children was Amelia Rebecca Rudulph.


The last surviving child of Colonel John Baker was Mary Ann Baker. She was born at Sunbury on March 27, 1878, and married John J. Maxwell of Liberty County. She died at the age of 84 on January 3, 1871, in Savannah, Georgia. Colonel Baker died on June 9, 1792. His widow married Reverend William McWhir, headmaster at Sunbury Academy. She had no children for Baker or McWhir.