Bryant, Glenn E. – Born July 10, 1915

Bryant, Glenn E. – Born July 10, 1915 in Pensacola, Florida, son of James Edward and Nora Donalson Bryant, both natives of Kentucky. He graduated from Pensacola High School in 1935 and then worked as an accountant with the Gulf Power Company from 1937 to 1941.

He married Trudie Mae Poston, daughter of Mason Colley and Ella Mancil Poston, both natives of Alabama, in 1936. Their children are Glenn Allan, Michael Edward, and Daniel Mason Bryant. He migrated to Hinesville near the beginning of World War II to work with a federal housing project.

In 1946 he purchased the Hinesville Telephone Company and later changed its name to Coastal Utilities Incorporated. He owned the Hinesville Sentinel newspaper for a brief time in 1962. He was mayor of Hinesville from 1962 to 1970, chairman of the Liberty County Board of Commissioners, and was elected state senator in 1979.

He was a past president and director of the Coastal Area Planning and Development Commission, and president and chairman of the boards of directors of the Coastal Bank and Coastal Utilities Incorpor­ated. He established the first cable television system in the Hinesville-Fort Stewart area.