Carr, Mark

Carr, Mark – One of the Scottish Highlanders who emi­grated to Georgia not long after it was founded by James Edward Oglethorpe. When Oglethorpe came to what became Glynn County to establish defenses against Spanish military forces in East Florida, Carr was already a wealthy man. He met Oglethorpe, joined the force he commanded, helped him recruit troops for the force, became a captain, and later a colonel. He took part in the decisive battle with Spanish forces in Glynn County, and accompanied Oglethorpe to Savannah, Georgia. He became Judge of the Georgia Court of Admiralty. His son, Thomas Carr, received a grant of land in the Midway District and established a plantation. It was on a part of that land that Sunbury, first town in Saint Johns Parish, was established in 1758. Mark Carr maintained resi­dences in Savannah, Saint Johns Parish, and Glynn County. His favorite home was on a plantation he owned on the main­land across from Jekyll Island. He considered himself a citizen of Glynn County.