Midway Society

The American Missionary Association in Liberty County, Georgia: An Invasion of Light and Love

Hardly had the Civil war began before neo-abolitionists and philanthropists launched a social revolution to regenerate the South. Inspired with missionary zeal comparable to a religious crusade they sought to redeem the black race from ignorance and deprivations of slavery the mission and listed the support of numerous sectarian and nonsectarian Freemen's Aid societies as well as the Freedmen’s Bureau.The American missionary association organized in Albany NY 1846 was actually the first agency to enter the field and the last to depart. Established as a protest against the failure of other missionary societies to denounce the evils of slavery, the [...]

A Brief History of the Midway & Retreat Churches

In any survey of the early history of Georgia, the name of one church comes up far more often than any other as a seat of power in the colony. Midway Congregational Church, about thirty miles south of Savannah, was founded by families quite unlike other Georgia colonists, who were usually recent immigrants from the British Isles. Link to Vanishing Coastal Georgia Web Page

City of Midway’s Historic Past

Midway is located in Liberty County, Georgia on Highway 17 between Savannah and Darien and has a long and distinguished history. English Puritans founded the Midway Society on August 28, 1754 in a log meeting house on Midway Neck. The Midway Society was a strongly religious Congregationalist group. These Puritans migrated to St. John's Parish, Georgia from Dorchster, South Carolina (near Charleston) in 1752 and established a new Dorchester and another nearby settlement what was later to become the Midway Community. In 1752 the Council of Georgia granted the settlers 31,950 acres primarily because colonial officials wanted a large number [...]

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