Revolutionary War

Explore Georgia’s fight for Independence along the Liberty Heritage Trail

MIDWAY, Ga. (WTOC) - As the country celebrates Independence Day, some of the most significant players in Georgia’s fight for freedom made their home in the Coastal Empire. You can learn more about them while traveling Georgia’s Historic Liberty Trail from Midway to Sunbury. “This was a hotbed of freedom and independence,” Phil Odom of the Liberty County Historical Society said. The town of Midway was settled by English Puritans who migrated from Dorchester, South Carolina. They founded the Midway Society in the mid-1700s. “It was relatively small, especially for the amount of influence that had on on Georgia and [...]

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General James Screven Killed in Battle Here

On November 24, 1778, General James Screven was mortally wounded in a battle fought near this spot.With General Screven in the action were Major James Jackson, Colonel John White, Capt. Celerine Brusard and Capt. Edward Young, with 100 Continentals and 20 Mounted Miltia, against a force of 400 British Regulars, Refugees and Indians under Col. James Mark Prevost and Col. Daniel McGirth. General Screven died from his wounds the following day. Link

The American Revolution in Coastal Georgia

Liberty County - Located on the Georgia coast, Liberty County is one of the eight original counties created from colonial parishes on February 5, 1777. Seven were named for British political figures sympathetic to the cause of American liberty, and Liberty County was named to honor the early zeal for independence of the settlers of St. John's Parish. Link

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