Coffer, Martin Luther (Family)

Coffer, Martin Luther (1862-1947) – Born in Sanford, North Carolina, and migrated to Liberty County during the 1880’s. He operated a general store in the Fleming communi­ty, and was the Fleming postmaster for 38 years. He married Florence Julia Gill (1882-1964) of Bryan County, Georgia, sister of Joseph Fillmore Gill, and their children are Johnny W. Coffer, Leroy Lennox Coffer, Herman Le Gray Coffer, and Mary Nathleen Coffer. Johnny W. Coffer (1902-1960) married Marie Crowley, and their children are Evelyn Coffer, Kenneth Coffer, and John Edward Coffer. Leroy Lennox Coffer (1909-1982) married Dora Crawford of Savannah, Georgia, sister of Stella Crawford Rogers, wife of Harold (“Harry”) R. Rogers Sr., and their children are Clara Eliza­beth Coffer, Mary Louise Coffer, Therssa S. Coffer, and M.L. Coffer.


Clara Elizabeth Coffer Drawdy has three chil­dren and they are Dorene, Charlene, and Sarah Drawdy. Mary Louise Coffer married Alfred West, and their children are Julie, Janet, Jonie, and Michael West, and an adopted daughter, Monie West Myers. Therssa S. Coffer married Clay­ton T. Morgan, and their children are Clayton T. Jr., Lynn, and Scott Morgan.


M.L. Coffer married Beverly Black, and their children are Angela and Amy Coffer. Angela Coffer married David Rogers, son of David Allen and Eva McCul­lough Rogers of Liberty County, and their children are Jason and Pamela Rogers. Herman Le Gray Coffer (1911- 1967) married Ernestine Sikes, and they had no children. Mary Nathleen Coffer married Henry O. Haymans, and they have one child, Edward Lennox Haymans, who married (1) Martha Ann Sapp, and (2) Kathryn Reconneli Grant. He has two children by his first marriage, and they are Catherine Haymans, not married, and Edward Lennox Haymans Jr. The latter child married Kimberly Whitefield, and their one child is Edward Lennox Haymans III. Katherine Reconneli Grant Haymans has three children by her first marriage, and they are Jeffery, Matthew, and Bryn Grant.