Dykes (Family)

These families originated to Toombs County, Georgia. First members of these family to relocate in Liberty County were Edwin and Jule Dykes, brothers, during World War II. Edwin and Amanda Dykes had no children. Jule and Jeanette Dykes had two children, Charles and Faye Dykes. Carl Raiford and Otto Dykes, sons of William Tom and Mary Inez Polk Dykes, served in the U.S. Army during World War II and afterward joined Edwin and Jule Dykes, their uncles, in business in Liberty County.

Their first cousin, Marion Dykes, completed the family coopera­tive effort generally in food stores and other ventures inside of and outside Liberty County. Marion and Eva Dykes had two children, Linda Dykes Cook and Richard A. Dykes. Carl R. Dykes established the first food supermarket in Hinesville in 1948. Otto Dykes later established a food super­market on Memorial Drive in Hinesville. Marion Dykes oper­ated a food store on General Screven Road in Hinesville.

Carl R. Dykes married Dorothy Pauline Austin , and they had three children. Carl Edwin Dykes (1944-1973) married Sheila Jackson, and their children were Keith and Kelly Dykes. Riaford Lance Dykes married Vella Alyssa Sapp, and their one child is Jennifer Dykes. Deborah K. Dykes, a member of the Liberty County Board of Commissioners when this book was published, married John Shuman, and their chil­dren are Ellie and Jason Shuman.

Otto Dykes married Dean Cantrette , and their children are Wanda Gail Dykes (1953- 1966), Donald A. Dykes, who married Rita Abbott, and their children are Leah and Ashley Dykes, and Byron L. Dykes, who married (1) Diana Harrington with one child, Melissa Dykes, and (2) Tracy Bergeron, and their one child is Mysti Lee Ann Dykes.

Carl R. Dykes was elected state senator in 1959, and mayor of Hinesville in 1975 and 1983. Dorothy Pauline Austin Dykes died in 1984, and Carl R. Dykes, one of the leading realtors in Liberty County, then married Charlyce Poindexter, daughter of Charles C. and Alice Poin­dexter of Ellijay, Georgia.