Fraser, Laura Martin (1873-1943)

Born and reared in Flemington, daughter of James Bacon and Sarah Eliza Fraser. Her two surviving siblings were Henry Percy Fraser (1878-1903) and Eliza Mary (“Lillie Mae”) Fraser (1888-1952).


She was a music teacher and head of Tranquil Institute at Flemington until 1925 when that school merged with Bradwell Institute. She then became assistant principal and Latin teacher at Bradwell Institute. She instilled a pride of self in her pupils, and caused them to believe that they were capable of perhaps more than they really were. Many of her pupils succeeded in life because of her, where they might otherwise have failed.


She had a deep and abiding love of the South and Liberty County. She maintained throughout her life that the South had a legitimate right to secede from the Union, and always referred to the conflict of 1861-1865 as the “War Between the States.”