Groover, Charles A. (Family)

Groover, Charles A. (1829-1873) – Born in Tattnall County, Georgia, son of William and Mary Ann Groover, and a direct descendent of Peter Gruber, who emigrated from Europe to Georgia in 1734. He married Rebecca Robinson (1835-1887), daughter of Duncan and Nancy Groover Robin­son of Liberty County, Parents of Duncan Robinson were William D. (1798-1856) and Catherine C. Robinson (1807- 1890) of Liberty County.


Parents of Nancy Groover Robin­son were Henry J. and Martha Groover. Charles A. and Rebecca Robinson Groover were first cousins. George Wash­ington Robinson was a brother of Nancy Groover Robinson and lived and died in Liberty County. He married (1) Eliza Wells, sister of Jasper Wells, and (2) Theodosia Devereaux. The children of Charles A. and Rebecca Robinson Groover were Mary Ann, Georgiann, William T., David A., John C., Redding M., Minzia J., Alexander and Lillian F.W. (twins), Loanza, and Hampton W. Groover. Seven of the children sur­vived. Mary Ann Groover married Columbus Wells in 1877, and their children were Lulu, Beulah, Leila, a son, and Lonie Wells.


Leila Wells married Grant Gideon Poppell Sr., son of James Allen and Mary Ann Poppell, and their children were George, Allen, Olive, Grant Gideon Jr., and Agnes Poppell. Georgiann Groover married (1) Marion Mobley of Liberty County, and their children were Stanton Alonzo, Mary Bell, Jewell Estelle, Jane Elizabeth, Agnes Carolyn, and Marion Alonzo Mobley, and (2) David F. Wells, and their children were Otis, Willie, Georgiann, Mary, Lena, and Frances Letitia Wells.


William T. Groover married Martha Eveline Mobley, and their children were James Charles and Willie Elva Groover. Redding M. Groover married Mary Zorn, and their children were James Daniel, Robert Clanton, Ila M., Emma, and John Tillman Groover. Minzia J. Groover married Eliza Long (see Long Family in this appendix), and their children were Ruby Rebecca, Loyall C., Luther E., Gilbert H., Annie Pearl, and Tommie H. Groover. Alexander H. Groover married Mattie Zorn, and they had no children.


Hampton Wesley Groover married Edith Matilda Long, sister of Eliza Long Groover, and their children were James Ernest, Martha Isobel, Olive, Ralph H., lillian Clyde, Nancy Beatrice, Ronnie, Leola Madge, Nellie Alma, and Hinton Worth Groover, Solomon Groover was a brother of Charles A. Groover. He and his wife, Martha, relocated from Tattnall County, Georgia, to the Gum Branch community before the Civil War. Their children were Mary J., David A., Joshua D., Lucretia, and Martha A.R. Groover. Solomon and Martha Groover returned to Tattnall County, Georgia, after the Civil War and resided there the rest of their lives. Charles A. Groover and his sons all had farms none more than five miles from Gum Branch Baptist Church.