Haymans (Family)

Spelling of the surname may have been Hoyman when ancestors of these families emigrated from Europe in 1683 and settled in Old Somerset County on the eastern shore of Maryland. At least one descendent of these ancestors migrated to North Carolina, where Stouten Haymans was born in the Orangeburg District in 1760. He was a member of the Continental Army during the Revolu­tionary War, and afterward received a veterans grant of land in Washington County, Georgia.


At least one of his children was Stouten Haymans Jr., who was born in 1801, received a grant of land in Liberty County, and married Elizabeth Moody. Their children were Sarah, Martha Ann, Stouten III, James Henry, Elizabeth, John W., Joseph S., and George H. Haymans. The second marriage of Stouten Haymans Jr. was to Laura E. Green. They had no children. Stouten Haymans III (1833-1866) married Susan Clark, daughter of Nicholas J. and Susan Gould Clark (see Clark Families in appendix).


George H. Haymans (1852-1883) married (1) Laura Ann Clark, and (2) Mary Etta Clark, her sister (see Clark Families in this appendix). Joseph S. Hay­mans married Annie E. Clark, and they had seven children (see Clark Families in this appendix). Elizabeth Haymans was the first wife of John Samuel Harn of Savannah, Georgia, and they had no children. James Henry Haymans (1835-1912) married Esther Ann Sapp in 1860, and their children were William Darby, Stouten Ashmel, James (“Bubber”) Alpha, Elizabeth, Rosseler, Lauvenia, Ida Rebecca, Esther Ann, and Bedie Haymans.


Stouten Ashmel Haymans (1870- 1953) married Mary ala Clark (1880-1962) (See Clark Families in this appendix), and their children were Pearl, Allie, Wesley, Hettie, Henry, Leonard and Lonell (twins), and Oscar Haymans. Pearl Haymans married J. Harry Parker, and they had three children.


Allie Haymans married Tinley Blount, and they had ten children. Wesley Haymans married Birdie Lee Sikes, and they had one child. Hettie Haymans married Gardner Gill, and they had four children. Henry O. Haymans married Nathleen Coffer, and they had one child (see Martin Luther Coffer in this appendix). Leonard (“Gen­eral”) Haymans married twice, his first time to Olive Crow­ley. His twin, Lonell (“Cap”), married Anna Crowley, and they had one child. Oscar Haymans marrie d Evelyn McCallar, and they had two children. James Alpha (“Bubber”) Hay­mans (1882-1925) married Annie Lee Clark, sister of Mary Ola Clark (see Clark Families in this appendix), and they had three children. Bedie Haymans (1884-1963) married Joseph Filmore Gill, and their children were Blanche, Lollie , Josie, Mary, Florence, Elaine, William Henry, and Joseph Fillmore Gill Jr.