Hendry, Alfred Iverson (1834-1920)

Son of Robert and Nancy Daniel Hendry Jr., and grandson of Robert and Ann Lee Hendry. He attended Taylors Creek Union Academy, worked at a sawmill in Lakeland, Florida, and then enrolled in Savannah Medical College. He married Alethea Bradley (1840-1915) of Taylors Creek before he completed his medical internment and their first child was born in 1858. He served as captain of Company C, Fifth Regiment, Georgia Cavalry, during the Civil War. He completed his medical internment after the war, and established a medical practice in Hinesville.


He and his wife had 13 children. Elizabeth Estelle Hendry married John Sylvester Shruptrine. Clara Lillian Hendry married Pharis Herschell Moody. Ida Hendry never married. Eva Hendry married James R. Bagley. Charles West Hendry married (1) Rosa Farmer and their one child was Charles Farmer Hendry, and (2) Flossie Leola Brewer, daughter of Pascal and Utah Louisa (“Miss Toppy”) Brewer of Hinesville, and their children were Aileen who married C. Hinton Nelson, Lois who married John W. Jackson, Grace who married (1) Dolan E. Brown, and (2) Fitzhugh Harper, Estelle who married Paul E. Caswell, Meta who married Henry S. Jordan, a physician, and Ernestine who married (1) Clarence Harrington, and (2) John C. Morris. Mary Varena Hendry married Alexander Hamilton Geiger. Winni­fred Holmes Hendry married Henry Calvin Smith. Robert Sidney Hendry married Estelle (“Stella”) Brewer, sister of the second wife of Charles West Hendry, and their children were Carroll Sidney who married Mary Alice Shave, Gladys Estelle who married Leonard G. Buckner, Christine Louise who married Douglas D. Deloach, Robert Lamar who mar­ried Ruth Wilcox, Franklin West who married Gladys Daw­son, Ralph Leroy who married Elizabeth Moody, and William Leon who married Lois Vick. Asenith Hendry never married. Enoch Lee Hendry married Sarah Edith Cooper. Sara Aman­da Hendry never married.


Alfred Iverson Hendry Jr. married (1) Anne Cameron, and (2) Vera James. George Tracy Hendry married Emma Armitage. Robert Sidney Hendry became a physician, and Charles West Hendry became a dentist. Both established practices in Hinesville. George Tracy Hendry became a physician and established a medical practice in Blackshear, Georgia, where his father practiced with him for a short period of time. The home of Alfred I. Hendry stood on the corner of Hendry Street and South Main Street in Hinesville. The home of his son, Robert Sid­ney Hendry, was across the street where the Coastal Bank was located when this book was written. Alfred Iverson Hendry resided with Estelle (“Stella”) Brewer Hendry after the death of her husband in 1919, until his death in 1926. He sold his home to Henry Lowe, who established the first ice plant and electric lights in Hinesville, and was later elected mayor of Hinesville.