Hines, Charlton (1785-1864)

Grandson of David and Nancy Hines and son of James and Drusilla Lewis Hines of Pitt County, North Carolina. He migrated with his parents and siblings to Effingham County, Georgia, between the end of the Revolutionary War and 1790. He and two of his sisters, Sarah and Drusilla Hines, became permanent residents of Liberty County early in the nineteenth century. He married Mary (“Polly”) Quarterman of Liberty County on July 17, 1806. She died two years later during the birth of her only child, Mary Elizabeth Hines, who died later the same year. He then married Ann Beard Bell, sister of Matthew Beard. in 1809. Their one surviving child was Robert Charlton Hines. After Ann Beard Bell Hines died, Charlton” Hines married Sarah Jane Way, a widow, in 1855.


The U.S. Census of Liberty County for 1860 says that he was 75 years of age at that time, while his wife was 40. It also says that they had two children, Charly (Joseph Charlton Hines), two years old. and an unnamed infant (James E. Hines). Jane A. Way, 13, and Mary C. Way, 11, children of Sarah Jane Way Hines by her previous marriage. were residing in the household at the time. Charlton Hines was a state senator for eight terms between 1828 and 1847. He was Justice of the Peace for the 17th Militia District in 1844 and 1845. In 1860 he owned 22,500 acres of land in Liberty County, a large number of slaves, and the estimated value of all his property was $113,000.


One report, not documented, says he died in his home on courthouse square in Hinesville after federal troops invaded Liberty County during the Civil War and was buried in an unmarked grave on the property of his son, Robert Charlton Hines, on the outskirts of Hinesville. Some of his descendents say he was buried in Midway Church cemetery. Site of his grave is unknown.


Mary Jane Way Hines died in Hinesville in 1903 at the age of 88. Charly Hines (1857-1915) inherited the family home on courthouse square in Hinesville. He built and operated a general store next to the home, which he turned into the Hines Hotel. He married Maggie Ola Martin (1883-1963), daughter of James Roberson and Sara Alzada Martin, granddaughter of Daniel Edward and Sarah Elizabeth Carter Martin, great-granddaughter of Nathaniel and Elvira Ap­pelus Daniel Martin, and great-great-granddaughter of Martin and Isabella Graham Martin. Their children were Sara Ola Hines, who married (1) George Frank Lunak, and (2) Louis Verkey , and Joseph Charlton Hines Jr., who married Henri­etta Moore of Statesboro, Georgia. The Hines family line was carried on in Liberty County by two daughters of Robert Charlton Hines. They are Beulah Hines (see Fraser Families in the appendix), and Bessie Hines (see Harold N. “Mudge” Stafford in the appendix). Their mother was Rebecca Butler Hines.