Perry (Family)

These families originated in England and probably emigrated to Virginia in 1750. Some members of these families migrated first to North Carolina, and then to South Carolina, where they resided during the Revolu­tionary War. Some of these descendents migrated to Liberty County during the early years of the nineteenth century. The genealogies of all these families are not complete. Em­phasis here is placed on Silas and John Perry, who were the only persons with that surname listed in the 1820 U.S. Cen­sus of Liberty County. Silas Perry married Margaret Currie in 1829. She died in 1831 and he died in 1832, leaving two children in the guardianship of his brother-in-law, John Currie. John Perry was married three times. His first mar­riage was to Esther Scarth, and they had six children.


His second marriage was to Mary Harville Baker, widow of Ed­ward Baker, killed at Darien, Georgia, during the Creek Indian Wars. His third wife was Lydia Bohannon, and their children were Samuel H., John Osgood, Daniel F., Allen, Steven S., and Elizabeth J. Perry. John Osgood Perry mar­ried Sophia Ann Harrison, daughter of William I. and Del­phia Clark Harrison (see Clark Families in appendix), on February 11, 1845. Their children were Luretta, George W. McAllister, Samuel H., Ella Josephine, John Allen, Mar­garet Ellen, and William Linder Perry.


The second wife of John Osgood Perry was named Jane, and their children, according to the 1870 U.S. Census of Liberty County, were Edward, Anderson, Emily, Kate, Andrew, and Mary A. Perry. It was Edward R. Perry, son of John Osgood Perry and his second wife, who was chairman of the Liberty County Board of Commissioners, and served as a county commissioner until 1927.


John Allen Perry, son of John Osgood Perry and his first wife, was born July 9, 1859. He married Sarah Ida Sapp, and their children were Stella and John Allen Perry Jr. John Allen Perry Jr. married Rebecca Louise Bennett, and their children were Joyce Perry Hay­mans (see Haymans Families in appendix) and Allene Perry Harris. John Allen Perry Jr. (1899-1972) was one of the Liberty County tax assessors in the 1960’s.