Railroad and County Lines

The Savannah, Albany & Gulf Railroad completed tracks through McIntosh County in 1857. The tracks passed in front of the home of Allen Johnston. The railroad built a depot across the tracks from the Johnston home and named it Station No.5. Its first agent was Reverend William Hall Parker J r. 94 A community grew up around the depot and it became know as Johnstons Station.


A change of county lines by the General Assembly in 1872 took Johnstons Station out of McIntosh County and placed it in Liberty County. Citizens of Johnstons Station changed the name of their community to Liberty City. A weekly newspaper published in town was called the Liberty City News.


The first railroad depot at Johnstons Station was burned by federal troops near the end of the Civil War. By 1872 a new depot had been built on the same spot. It, too, burned. and a third depot, the one still standing when this book was published, was built on the same spot.