Ray, Elias Still (Family)

Ray, Elias Still (1832-1906) – As early as 1800 three Ray brothers emigrated from England to America. One brother settled in New York, while another settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Elias Still Ray settled in South Carolina. His first wife was named Elizabeth, and their children were Sally, Elisha, Charles, Richard Daniel, Elias Still Jr., and George Ray. His second wife was Mary Lane, and their chil­dren were William Butler, Benjamin, Carrie, Frank, Joseph, and Ann Way. When his second wife died, Elias Still Ray and his children migrated to Liberty County. He secured pro­perty in the upper part of the county, and he and his sons cleared 300 acres of land around Tan-Trough Lake and Cypress Log Lake.


The section became known as the “Ray Settlement.” The third wife of Elias Still Ray was Gertrude Sanders of Tattnall County, Georgia. Their children were James Johnson, Georgia, and Suzanne Ray. His fourth wife was Maggie West, and their one child was Martha Ray. Elias Still Ray is buried in the Salem Baptist Church cemetery on what in 1984 was the Fort Stewart military reservation.


James Johnson Ray (1887-1943) settled near the Gum Branch community. He married (I) Annie Blanche McDonald (1891-1924), and their children were Earline, Levy, Myrtle, Harvey, Marguerite, and Marcus Ray, and (2) Augusta (“Gussie”) McGowen, and their children were Millen, Elmer, Reuben, Armond, Elias Still III, Ryron, and Donna Ray.