Road Districts (1912)

It was on February 6, 1912, that the Liberty County Board of Commissioners reestablished road districts, ap­pointed a superintendent for each one, and authorized a convict camp for prisoners sentenced in the Liberty County Superior Court for  their misdeeds to “work on the roads.”


Road districts covered the eleven militia districts in Liberty County, which still included Long County, and they were the 15th, 16th, 17th, 24th, 1132nd, 1359th, 1458th, 1476th, and the 1672nd Militia Districts. The road districts were numbered one through eleven.


Superintendents for each road district, one to eleven, were  J.J. Baxter, M.M. Smith, P.F. Martin, J.W. Simmons, J.J. Dasher, J.W. Morgan, W. Hamp Brewer, C.L. Crowley, H.E. Strickland, H.C. Branson, and Dan Howard.


Members of the Liberty County Board of Commissioners at the time of reestablishment of the road districts were A.F. Winn , chairman, and members Joseph William Hughes III, J.A. Jackson, and W.P. Girardeau. E.C. Miller was the clerk.