Sikes, Paul Henry (1902-1959)

Born in Evans County, Georgia, son of Thomas Henry and Hattie Pauline Tippins Sikes. He migrated to Liberty County for employment as a railroad telegrapher. He married Inez Frances Caswell (see Caswell Families in this appendix) in 1927, and their chil­dren were Robert Vernon Sikes and Florence Lee Sikes. Robert Vernon Sikes married Carol Lynn Gillican, daughter of Charles Crumm and Thelma (“Sammy”) Prickett Gillican of Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Their children are Robert Clayton Sikes, who married Jean Darlene Wilson; Stephen Craig Sikes, who married Catherine Dean Brown, and Ed­ward Gill Sikes.


Florence Lee Sikes married Walter Ruben Zechman Jr., son of Walter R. and Thelda Irene Kerstetter Zechman of Beavertown, Pennsylvania. Their one surviving child is Paul Sikes Zeckman. The two sibilings of Paul Henry Sikes were Fannie Lou and Tommie Lee Sikes. Fannie Lou Sikes married William Hartford Callaway (1895-1953), and their two children are Margaret Callaway, who married (1) Ray Cling Parker, and (2) John Sylvester Shruptrine III, and Pauline Callaway, who married Joseph Victor Apeler. The second marriage of Fannie Lou Sikes was to Willie Smiley, and they had no children. After Thomas Henry Sikes died, his widow, Hattie Pauline Tippins Sikes, married Basil Dasher, and their children were Lupert Dasher, Lexus Dasher, and Harry Dasher.


Paul Henry Sikes was sheriff of Liberty County for more than 20 years, and one of its foremost businessmen most of his life.