Smith, J. Madison (Family)

Smith, J. Madison (1880-1965) – Son of Milton Monroe and Sally Lange Smith of the Rye Patch community, grand­son of James Madison and Louisa Baggs Smith, great-grand­son of William and Ann Baxter Smith Jr., great-grandson of William and Mary Townsend Smith Sr., and great-great-grand­son of Madison and Sarah Hicks Smith. His siblings were Sarah Ann, Milton Monroe Jr., Louis Hampton, Joel William, Sheldon Osgood, Dowse Bradwell, Janie Lou, Oliver Barnard, Mary Kathryn, Eleanor Annette, Twiggs Gwinnett, and Susie Hortensia Smith. His maternal grandmother, Sarah Lange, was the third wife of Hendley Foxworth Horne.


He married Lena Mabel Warnell, daughter of Asa W. and Mary Jane Ed­wards Warnell, and their surviving children were Lena Mae Smith (1910-1985) and Carrie Adell Smith. Lena Mae Smith married (1) Hugh Averille Chapman, with no chil­dren, and (2) Theodore M. Ackley of New York, New York, with one child, James Madison Smith Ackley (1948-1981), and two adopted children, John Marion Ackley, born in 1953, and Diane Warnell Ackley, born in 1949. Carrie Adell Smith married (1) Fred Thomas Lanier Jr., with no children, and (2) Ralph Stephens Lanier, with one child, Caroline Patricia Lanier, born in 1937.