City of Midway’s Historic Past (2)

Midway is located in Liberty County, Georgia on Highway 17 between Savannah and Darien and has a long and distinguished history. English Puritans founded the Midway Society on August 28, 1754 in a log meeting house on Midway Neck. The Midway Society was a strongly religious Congregationalist group. These Puritans migrated to St. John's Parish, Georgia from Dorchster, South Carolina (near Charleston) in 1752 and established a new Dorchester and another nearby settlement what was later to become the Midway Community. In 1752 the Council of Georgia granted the settlers 31,950 acres primarily because colonial officials wanted a large number [...]

Sunbury Georgia And Fort Morris – The City Center that Vanished

This is a story of Sunbury Georgia. The City Center that rivaled Savannah Georgia before the Revolutionary War. After the War Sunbury Faded into history. Buildings and all. Leaving only the cemetery and Fort Morris as reminders of this once Shining Star of Georgia. The main video starts at 4 minutes  

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