Religious and Educational Developments (1837-1839)

The Jones Creek Baptist Church was incorporated by the General Assembly in 1837. The measure authorized members of the church to appoint their own church trustees.


It was in 1838 that Malmaison Academy was incorporated by the General Assembly. Its first trustees were Nathaniel Varnedoe , W.M. Jones, John M.B. Harden, Moses L. Jones, and Thomas Sheppard. The school building was spacious and had stained glass windows. It was located adjacent to the parade ground of the Liberty Independent Troop in the Crossroads community near Riceboro. Many years later, the first public high school for black students in Liberty County was established on the same site.


The Gum Branch Primitive Baptist Church in 1839 con­structed a building to replace its home of worship in a brush arbor. Leaders in the church at this time were James N. Mobley, Albert Mobley, A.B. Flowers. Charles Flowers, John Flowers. I.S. Flowers, Evan Wells, J.N. Tatam, John Baker, Jeremiah Baker, and Augustus Delk.


The Hinesville Academy was incorporated by the General Assembly in 1839. Its first commissioners were Charlton Hines, Simon Alexander Fraser, Richard S. Baker, Samuel Spencer, and Joseph William Hughes Sr. They constructed a school building in Hinesville, and employed James Sharp Bradwell, a school teacher in McIntosh County ‘I Georgia, as headmaster. He also taught, from time to time. in the Poor School just outside of Hinesville.